4 Steps to help you love your body w/Elisabeth Mortensen aka Eat Squat Mom

Elisabeth Mortensen, aka Eat, Squat, Mom returns to The Virtual Couch! Elisabeth talks about the four steps that she took to help her love her body, and Tony weaves in principals from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy into the steps. The steps she discusses not only apply to loving your body, or having a better body image, but also to embracing any sort of change in your life. You can read the original blog post here https://eatsquatmom.com/blog/posts/how-gain-love-your-body-and-your-weight

And you can join Elisabeth’s FREE 5 Day Challenge mentioned on the podcast THRIVING THROUGH THE HOLIDAY’s, to help you combat the feeling of no control, while still enjoying the holidays. She will help you create your own personal fitness and nutrition plan to THRIVE during the holidays rather than just survive. No matter what your goal is, this challenge will help you navigate the holidays with a positive mindset and a PLAN OF ACTION to help you accomplish your goal! Click the link to register. The challenge starts on October 21st.

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