61 How to Talk About Suicide, There is HOPE!

Despite the fact that over 100 people commit suicide in the US alone on a daily basis, we don’t often hear enough about resources for those who are having suicidal thoughts until a high profile celebrity tragically turns to suicide. In this episode, Tony addresses some of the myths around talking about suicide and then gives suggestions and tools for those who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts or ideations or for anyone who may be dealing with a loved one who is experiencing suicidal thoughts. For anyone who needs help, please immediately call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255 or visit https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ On this episode Tony also mentions the following people, websites, and stories: Kevin Hines story http://www.kevinhinesstory.com/ Tim Ferris’s article on his experience with suicidal thoughts https://tim.blog/2015/05/06/how-to-commit-suicide/ in the episode I also recommend reading almost any of the 1100 plus comments, many from suicide survivors. The BeThe1To movement can be found here http://www.bethe1to.com/ There are a lot of good resources for parents and teens on talking to their kids, and friends, about suicide. And there is a tremendous amount of good information at http://suicide.org

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