BONUS Epic Marriage Summit Announcement with Monica Tanner Host of On The Brighter Side Podcast

I was asked to present at the Epic Marriage Summit, and my presentation is titled, “Learn More About Your Spouse in 30 Days Than In Your Entire Marriage!” You can watch it free, along with presentations by 32 other marriage experts from October 8th through the 10th by following this link.

In this special bonus episode, I interview the Epic Marriage Summit’s coordinator, Monica Tanner, host of On the Brighter Side podcast. She talks about what went into creating the Summit, along with who is presenting, and what topics will be covered. From the events webpage, “

Uplevel Your Relationship in 30 Days in 30 Ways

If your marriage was hanging on by a thread and your partner was about to cut it, how would you save your marriage in 30 days?

Join us as 30+ marriage experts share their best secrets, knowledge, experience, processes and plans to transform their relationships in 30 days.

Come away feeling empowered with all the tools you need to create the marriage of your dreams.

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