Can You Ever Express YOUR Feelings to Narcissists and Feel Seen?

If you say “it” the right way, will the narcissist ever get “it” whatever “it” is? Tony introduces his ‘Five Foolproof Formulas for Navigating Narcissistic Nonsense,’ which helps maintain emotional stability and a sense of self in challenging relationships. Tony also critically analyzes a passage from the book ‘Rethinking Narcissism’ by Dr. Craig Malkin, where he finds a logical inconsistency that might give false hope to ‘pathologically kind persons’ who constantly try to induce ‘aha moments’ in their narcissistic partners. He also highlights the concept of differentiation of self and its importance in maintaining one’s emotional stability and sense of self in the face of challenging dynamics in relationships with narcissistic individuals. 

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:45 Understanding the Impact of Stress on Physical Health

02:36 Upcoming Topics and Listener Engagement

05:23 Exploring the Concept of Narcissism

06:09 Dissecting a Book Passage on Narcissism

08:47 The Five Foolproof Formulas for Navigating Narcissistic Nonsense

15:52 Understanding Healthy Ego and Pathological Defensive Narcissism

17:07 Analyzing a Book on Narcissism

22:58 Contradictions in Narcissism Advice

24:53 Understanding the Power of Self-Blame

25:30 The Pathologically Kind Person and Their Burden of Responsibility

26:54 The Struggle for Control in Relationships

28:16 Personal Story: The Impact of Powerlessness

34:42 The Importance of Differentiation in Relationships

36:51 The Dangers of Emotional Inconsistency

40:06 The Reality of Expressing Feelings to a Narcissist

47:11 The Role of Differentiation in Dealing with Narcissists

54:24 Conclusion: Knowing When to Engage and When to Step Back

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