Dan Radin, CEO of Auxbus, On Creating an End-to-End Podcasting Platform

Dan Radin, CEO of Auxbus, joins Tony Overbay, LMFT on The Virtual Couch podcast to discuss what led Dan, a 15-year veteran of the audio industry, to venture out on his own and start a company with the lofty goal of creating an end-to-end podcasting platform that would help seasoned podcasters and newbie’s alike sound like a professional?

Dan has more than 75 professional and consumer audio technology products under his belt, but Dan discovered a lot of pain in creating his own professional podcast… despite Dan himself being a giant audio nerd! This led Dan down a path of what it would take to combine his professional audio knowledge with the meteoric rise of people wanting to create podcasts who have little-to-no knowledge other than knowing they needed a microphone!

Dan and Tony also talk about the podcast industry in general, what it takes to produce quality content, why many podcasters fail and how much time is spent (maybe wasted) by new podcasters who don’t understand what it takes to produce, edit and assemble a quality podcast.

Auxbus’s mission is to develop technology that brings clarity to speech and makes audio content creation accessible to the world. Auxbus was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, the Auxbus team shares a common goal of eliminating obstacles that stand between audio content creators and their audience. We’re helping you sound clever, conversational, creative, and in control of your audio – clearly.

With Auxbus, it’s never been easier—or faster—to capture the attention of your brand’s followers and add depth to your marketing. Our complete, end-to-end platform makes podcasting lightweight and approachable. You can learn more about Auxbus at http://auxbus.com

Visit http://tonyoverbay.com for more information Tony, or the Virtual Couch Podcast or http://pathbackrecovery for his online addiction recovery program.

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