Death By a Thousand Cuts 5 – The Musical

In the enlightening fifth installment of “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” we delve deep into the nuanced world of relationships marred by emotional immaturity and narcissistic behaviors. A dedicated listener, Emma bravely shares her journey of being trapped in a cycle of constantly appeasing her partner, losing touch with her own needs, and struggling with self-worth. Alongside her story, the episode unpacks numerous anecdotes from our listeners. These tales underscore the often-overlooked emotional traumas that accumulate over time, from seemingly trivial disagreements over movie nights and cooking preferences to the more significant dynamics of feeling unheard and dismissed. With a blend of candid stories and expert insights, this episode emphasizes the importance of recognizing emotional manipulation, the value of setting boundaries, and the journey to rediscovering one’s worth and forging authentic connections.

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Tony references Christine Hammond’s article “Obsessed: Narcissists and their Food” from

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