Death By a Thousand Cuts – Is it Safe to Explain Your Situation to Others?

One of the most frustrating things after “Waking up to Narcissism” is trying to explain your relationship struggles to friends, co-workers, or family members who haven’t experienced narcissistic forms of abuse (emotional, financial, spiritual, etc.). Many people in these situations find themselves almost wishing their emotional abuser would physically abuse them because “at least people would understand why I would leave.” But the emotional wounds and scars run deep, and on most occasions, don’t heal properly without a lot of work.

In today’s episode, Tony describes his “Death by a thousand cuts” theory when talking about narcissistic patterns of abuse. A thousand paper cuts can still lead to someone “bleeding out,” yet each individual paper cut appears insignificant on its own. Tony reads examples from his private women’s group of examples of “Death by a thousand cuts.” You can submit your questions, comments, or request to join the group through the contact form on

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