Get Your Yoga Mat, Robe and Ponytail Ready, We’re Explaining Mindfulness Once and For All!

Wait! Don’t skip this episode! I know if you’re a podcast listener you’ve no doubt heard therapist and life coach alike gush about the benefits of mindfulness, about meditation, about being present. Well, what does that actually mean? What’s the science behind the practice and how do you push through if you’ve tried it a time or two and felt like it just didn’t work for you? In this episode, Tony will reference an article from by Scott Crabtree that discusses how to truly rewire your brain with a mindfulness practice (

And within that article, Crabtree references research of Massachusetts General Hospital conducted by Harvard-affiliated researchers called “Eight Weeks to a Better Brain.” ( The article specifically discusses how mindfulness has been shown to change the neuropathways of the brain to help with not only being more present but also to express more empathy, improve memory and better handle anxiety and stress.

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