How the Narcissist Slowly Destroys Ones Sense of Self – Death by a Thousand Cuts Pt. 2

Tony Overbay, LMFT, gives more examples of how narcissists slowly destroy their partner’s sense of self, using the “death by a thousand cuts” phenomenon. Narcissists will employ a consistent and relentless amount of small, hurtful phrases and actions that may feel like they aren’t a big deal to those who haven’t experienced the pattern. But to the victim of narcissism, it feels like they are slowly dying or “bleeding out” from the number of cuts to the psyche, ego, and heart. Plus, Tony breaks down an emotionally-immature review for Waking Up to Narcissism. A listener shares an incredible poem that describes the need to move from trying to fix the narcissist to focusing on self-care.

Tony mentioned his “Magnetize Your Marriage” workshop happening on April 7th. If you would like to sign up for the workshop, please visit

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