I Want to “Lean In” Into Healing, Growth, Discomfort…But Somebody Needs To Convince My Body!

In the latest episode of “Waking Up to Narcissism,” Tony Overbay, LMFT, delves into the complexities of building emotional resilience, a key to overcoming past trauma and wounds that may go back to childhood. Contrary to popular belief, changing habits takes time but requires consistent and intentional effort over an extended period. The conversation turns to the importance of emotional intelligence and understanding its role in how we react or respond in situations, especially in relationships where our past experiences and wounds can often trigger impulsive reactions.

Tony emphasizes that the path to improved emotional maturity involves recognizing and comprehending our primary and secondary emotions, identifying triggers, and consciously responding intentionally. He explains that healing is not linear; it demands empathy, self-compassion, and continuous practice to overcome past traumas. The development of emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in building healthier, more fulfilling relationships. By applying strategies like pausing before reacting, being present, and learning self-soothing techniques, individuals can foster connection and growth within themselves and their relationships.

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