Kate Anthony, Author of “The D Word: Making the Ultimate Decision About Your Marriage” on Deciphering Divorce, Confronting Decisions, and Embracing Empowerment

Tony and Kate Anthony, divorce coach and author of “The D Word: Making the Ultimate Decision About Your Marriage,” (https://amzn.to/47V1AKe) unpack the complex dynamics involved with the decision to stay or leave a relationship, typically with an emotionally immature or narcissistic partner. Kate shares her divorce story and explores the importance of establishing personal boundaries and self-care throughout the journey. The conversation discusses the fundamental need for individuals to recognize and reclaim their right to happiness outside a dysfunctional marital relationship. They also talk about the impact of staying in an emotionally abusive relationship for the sake of the kids and the different roles that a therapist and coach can play in the helping process. You can find out more about Kate at her website http://kateanthony.com and if you are looking for safe ways to purchase the book, please visit http://kateanthony.com/dword

00:01 Introduction and Initial Banter

00:14 Discussing Kate’s Book and Its Impact

01:08 Kate’s Journey and Her Book’s Purpose

01:46 The Role of Narcissism in Relationships

02:36 Kate’s Personal Experience with Narcissism

03:16 The Impact of Divorce and Making the Decision

05:22 The Aftermath of Leaving a Narcissistic Relationship

06:31 The Role of Codependency in Relationships

13:18 Kate’s Career in Acting and Its Influence

16:21 The Importance of Choosing Yourself

22:33 The Process of Knowing When to Leave

24:05 The Power of Self-Acknowledgement

24:23 Understanding the Impact of Denial

24:39 The Importance of Self-Admission

25:12 The Struggle of Facing the Truth

25:29 The Role of Therapists and Coaches

25:50 The Concept of Leading Indicators

26:42 The Reality of Unhealthy Relationships

27:09 The Process of Decision Making

27:32 The Power of Self-Empowerment

27:41 The Role of Coaches in Decision Making

27:47 The Impact of Direct Communication

28:10 The Importance of Authenticity in Relationships

28:23 The Role of Therapists in Decision Making

28:56 The Collaboration between Therapists and Coaches

29:14 The Importance of Training for Coaches

29:38 The Role of Therapists in Guiding Decisions

29:58 The Challenge of Taking Action

30:30 The Importance of Addressing the Impact on Kids

30:42 The Reality of Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

31:27 The Impact of Divorce on Kids

32:00 The Importance of Authenticity in Parenting

32:14 The Reality of Staying for the Kids

41:33 The Importance of Choosing Happiness

43:11 The Importance of Living Your Truth

43:13 The Importance of Living Authentically

43:52 The Importance of Choosing Love over Control

44:14 The Importance of Self-Care

44:17 The Importance of Being Enough for Yourself

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