Marriage Tips, What Kind of Car Does Your Spouse Want to Buy?

If your spouse came up to you today and said, “what type of car do you think I would want to buy?” what would you say? Would you tell them what type of car you think they should want to buy? Or would you just assume you knew because of a couple of passive comments that you’ve heard them say about cars? Or would you need to put all of your own mental baggage aside and listen, ask questions and then listen more? If your answer was anything other than the last one, I would HIGHLY recommend you bring a little bit of awareness to your listening skills. In today’s episode Tony talks about some of the situations that he sees in therapy that get in the way of good, productive couples conversations and then he gives an analogy of someone trying to buy a car…what type of salesman are you? The answer will say a lot about your listening skills.

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