Playing Devil’s Advocate is NOT Going to Help Your Marriage! More EFT Tools To Help Your Marriage

One of the most unproductive phrases Tony hears in couples counseling is “I’m just playing Devil’s advocate?” Are you? Or are you trying to poke holes in your partner’s reality? Only the “devil” in this scenario truly knows, but regardless, there’s even a productive way to GET TO the playing of the role of “devil’s advocate” and that is by first creating an environment where you are able to hear your partner, truly hear them, and create an environment where they feel safe, heard, like they can trust you. THEN if you still feel the need to question the floor may in fact be open for questions AND your partner may be in a better position to entertain your questions.

Tony also gives the origin of the “Devil’s advocate” (hint, it was an actual position back in olden times!) as well as a few fun facts about Halloween. He also shares his favorite, yet most obnoxious, two-line joke, a holdover from the “Humor in Therapy” episode.

In this episode Tony gives an emotionally focused therapy (EFT) refresher from the folks at you can find that here He also shares the history of the term Devil’s Advocate, that can be found here and the ever-classic two-line jokes from the Humor in Therapy episode of the Virtual Couch can be found at the site here

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