She’s ALWAYS Late! He NEVER Asks About My Day! What To Do With All or Nothing/Black or White Thinking!

All or nothing…He’s ALWAYS late! She NEVER asks me about my day. The kids will absolutely never, ever, no matter what I say pick up after themselves (OK, that one might actually be true). Do you always find yourself using extreme black and white or all-or-nothing thinking? Are you never able to find the good in a moment and be fully present (see what I did there?). Chances are most of us will find ourselves using black and white, all-or-nothing, or what the American Psychological Association also calls dichotomous or polarized thinking on a fairly regular basis. This type of thinking keeps us from seeing the world as it truly is, wonderfully complex, full of nuances and situations that can be equally frustrating, and exhilarating. In this episode, Tony will refer to the article How Black and White Thinking Hurts You (And What You Can Do to Change it) by Rebecca Joy Stanborough of Healthline

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Reviews include: “This is the most helpful book for porn addicts and the people who (still) love them. One of the most courageous and timely books to help with a widespread and almost never talked about epidemic that is ruining marriages, careers, and lives. It will give hope to millions of people who are addicted to pornography. — Mark Goulston, MD, FAPA, Author of Just Listen Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

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