The Backside of Anger

Have you ever been so angry that you felt completely out of control? What if that feeling was one that you carried with you constantly? What if you didn’t even realize that there was another way to feel, and, once you realized that there was another way, a better way, was it too late to employ the tools that brought you to this realization. Today’s episode is about anger, anger management, and what that process looks like when it works. Too often people go through anger management counseling, or do group therapy around anger management simply to check off a box, sometimes literally, so they can go back to their lives of feeling justified by anger when they want to be and then wonder why when they are being nice, or nicer, people still aren’t comfortable around them. Today we’ll take a look at the “backside of anger,” or what anger management looks like, even when nobody else is looking. Jeff Kober’s article on on the backside of water can be found here

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