The Power of Epigenetics: “Creating the Vitality You Crave” w/Lori Finlay

Tony talks with Lori Finlay, a nurse practitioner, board-certified health coach, and health expert with a unique background in cardiology and wellness medicine. Lori opens up about her personal struggles with chronic fatigue and premature menopause and how she took control of her health journey through the study of epigenetics. As she weaves her narrative, she touches on her frustrations with inadequate medical treatment and the critical importance of functional medicine. Utilizing the analogy of a piano, Lori illustrates how epigenetics—the top layer of our genetic wiring influenced by lifestyle—can be expressed differently, giving us control over our own wellness in a profound way.

Lori expands the discussion to encompass a wide range of symptoms and experiences that many may encounter while grappling with life’s challenges—from trauma and stress to divorce and betrayal. She delves into how stress hormones can even mimic symptoms of a heart attack and provides actionable advice for self-care routines to raise one’s physical and emotional baseline. Special focus is given to women’s health, specifically the link between emotional stress and hormone imbalance and its relation to breast cancer. Lori suggests mindfulness exercises and practical biohacks, such as the simple yet effective use of clove and lime oils on the vagus nerve, to manage stress and improve overall well-being.

Wrapping up, Lori shifts the spotlight to the urgent need for awareness and education, not just in women’s breast health but also in men’s health. She shares her insights on cutting-edge, holistic approaches to breast health and the relevance of early detection methods like the Dutch hormone test. The conversation even extends to the potential benefits of energy medicine and mindfulness in holistic healing. Listeners are left not only with an arsenal of information but also an invitation to Lori’s free breast health awareness webinar, making this episode an invaluable resource for anyone looking to take control of their health. You can take Lori’s free “Hormone Symptom Quiz here and find out more about Lori and how she can help you “create the vitality you crave,” at

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