Understanding the Narcissistic Trauma Bond, And How to Break Free

In today’s episode, Tony takes a deep dive into the article “How the Narcissistic Trauma Bond Ensnares” by Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC. Christine is a two-time former Virtual Couch podcast guest, and host of the popular, and informative podcast “Understanding Today’s Narcissist.”

In the article, Christine shares the definition of the term trauma bonding, which is loyalty and continued commitment to an abusive person despite the intolerable treatment. In the case of a trauma bonding to a narcissist, there tends to be a persistent denial of the problem even when others bring the evidence to light. She then shares eight ways that people typically find themselves ensnared in the trauma bond. You can find the article here https://pro.psychcentral.com/exhausted-woman/2018/02/how-the-narcissistic-trauma-bond-ensnares/

You can learn more about Christine and many of the podcasts, programs, and articles that she has written and produced on the topic of narcissism at https://growwithchristine.com/ as well as a way to listen to and subscribe to her podcast “Understanding Today’s Narcissist.”

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