Welcome to Holland!

Welcome to Holland! Please, take a look around, I know you thought you were heading to Italy or Hawaii, but since you’re here, let’s find a pair of wooden shoes and head over to the closest windmill…I think you’ll grow to love the place! This episode is thanks to the essay “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley. This episode is sponsored by Betterhelp.com. Use betterhelp.com/virtualcouch to receive 10 percent off your first month of Betterhelp.com’s online counseling services featuring access to over 4,000 licensed therapists, who are available within 24 hours of your initial assessment. If you aren’t comfortable with waiting rooms, or taking a chance on a therapist that you’re not sure has the expertise that you are looking for, visit Betterhelp.com/virtualcouch and read the hundreds of reviews, or start the assessment process today and discover the world of online counseling, over 500,000 people are doing it to amazing results.

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