What’s Up with your Parents…and How to Improve that Relationship BONUS From Becoming, A Podcast for Teens

Do you have kids, ever plan on having them, or were you once a kid yourself? Have you ever asked yourself at any time over the last few years, “What up with kids these days?” This episode will answer that question, and so many more! In this special bonus episode, Tony Overbay, LMFT, was interview by Tawni Beardall and Erica Peterson, hosts of the popular podcast “Becoming, A Podcast for Teens.” The following description of this episode comes directly from their website https://becomingforteens.podbean.com/

“Tony Overbay has always wanted to do a podcast episode just for teens…to give them a look inside the minds of their parents. Today he is doing just that for you! So often you may feel like your parents just don’t get you! They might say things like “you can talk to me about anything” that you just don’t quite believe, or know that doesn’t always turn out to be a great discussion.

Tony is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist…with years of experience in therapy and is here to give YOU the tools to start to change the mood in your relationship with your parents. It definitely is something that takes effort from both sides…but did you know that you, as the teen, have more power than you might think to help train, and teach your parents to listen to you and hear you! Tony is here to help you figure out the answer to the question…”WHAT’S UP WITH YOUR PARENTS?!”

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